That's right.  An alley in Annapolis, Maryland.  See if you 
             can pick out Clark's two wingmen on the More Bio page.

Playwright and screenwriter, Clark Morrow began writing in junior high school.  He had a slow learning curve, no doubt. 
But he refused to quit.

In 2006 Clark was one of 10 finalists (selected from nearly 5,000 entries from around the world) for the Nicholl Fellow-ships in Screenwriting hosted by the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences.  Since then, he has written scripts and developed projects for producers Chris Ufland and Harry Ufland, and for production companies Prospect Park, Zoom Entertainment, and Gerber Pictures.  Attachments to his orig-
inal screenplays have included Academy Award-nominated
and Emmy Award-winning actors, and a Cannes Camera 
d'Or honored director (Marc Levin).  

Clark recently completed THE WAR ROOM, his first stage play.  It received a developmental staged reading at the Great Plains Theatre Conference.
Clark Morrow


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